Mail Server Solution

we can provide a custom-made solution for your email needs.

our email interfaces are very flexible and can accommodate all your email networking requirements.

we provides a web mail facility that serves as a centralized email server machine that can be accessed from any location and any machine. This environment is integrated for the user using two programs.

SQ Webmail Interface (Simple Mail Interface)
IMAP Client (Multi Featured Mail Interface)

Email was supposed to be a productivity breakthrough, allowing swift communication with clients, suppliers, and each other in a simple and effective manner. Unfortunately, the double threat of spam and viruses threatens to make email into a net negative. With spam accounting for up to 25% of all email received, your employees are interrupted all day by endless solicitations. (source – spamcop) our mail servers comes along with both spam and virus filters that has various filtration levels (normal to very aggressive) that can be manually set.

Spam Filtering:

our email system will filter up to 90% of spam sent to your mail account. Depending on how public your email addresses are, this could be dozens or hundreds of messages per day.

Virus Filtering:

our email system scans your email and remove harmful viruses. Without virus scanning, a single virus on your LAN can potentially destroy all critical files or leak sensitive information to outsiders.